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It is our constant and consistent endeavour to give you exactly what you want. Not just in terms of fabric, accessories, sub materials and all other design details but often times even in terms of the type of product itself. You don’t have to take our word for it – our clients will vouch for it.

We love taking on new projects & challenges and have produced diverse items from fine wall hangings to cute head scarves which have gone on to fly off the shelves. So just drop us an email and let the ideas flow !


Choose Fabrics

We work with a large variety of fabrics. Of course, jute and cotton are our “mains” – in all their various weaves, counts and thicknesses. Laminated, Unlaminated. Starched, Coated. Custom dyed in your choice of color – you may specify a Pantone or send us a swatch to match to. In addition, we work with linens, blends, corduroy, velvet, handlooms, RPET, recycled. Some examples featured below. Custom weaving also introduced.



We understand that as sellers or as importers or as retailers, you want to provide a solution to your clients – not just another eco-friendly bag ( that is just an added bonus ! ) . We support you in creating a product that has been thoughtfully designed and carefully executed. God, truly, is in the details - a mantra our entire team passionately echoes.

Choose FASTENERS & Closures

find what suits you best


Choose your Handles & Straps

Much thought goes into one of the most used parts of the bag – its handles. We offer you many styling options based on aesthetics and functionality - from the humble but much-loved cotton tape to detachable handles, cushioned handles, double handles, embroidered handles or adjustable straps with hooks, loops, buckles and other hardware accents. Some examples can be seen below.


Choose Embroidery Styles

For those who want to embellish their products a little differently, we offer various embroidery styles. From a simple zigzag pattern to stunning beaded & sequinned motifs, we offer a wide range of options to add some color, dimension, texture and richness to your products

Choose Tags & Labels

find what suits you best


Choose Print Techniques

One of our biggest strengths is our printing. We have the experience and equipment to bring your ideas to life. From small sample runs to bulk production of thousands of pieces, each piece is printed with care & precision. Digital prints, Foil prints, Glitter prints, Heat Transfer prints, 4 color prints, Rubber prints and many more – all with water-based, azo-free colors. Our in-house silkscreen development department ensures fast turnaround and high quality.


Choose packaging

The basic function of our packaging is to protect the products from any damage that could happen during transport, handling and storage. While that is taken care of for all our shipments, some times as a client you may want more than just optimum and effective transport. So we support you in customised packaging specifically tailored to your company and the product we are shipping to you.

Let's Make Something Awesome Together

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